The Baleria Toolkit is an innovative educational and awareness raising package on the topics of social inclusion and fair-play. The Toolkit’s ultimate goal is that to promote, by means of a peer-to-peer approach, the equality of opportunities for all children, regardless of their abilities, cultural heritage and socio-economical background. Ultimately, the Toolkit represents a two-ways Online Repository, that collects and shares information on:

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (i.e. creative workshops) – that aim to support teachers/operators/facilitators across and beyond the project consortium in promoting social-inclusion and fair play to children of 5-12 years old.

VISUAL MATERIALS (i.e. drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, etc) - produced by Baleria participants (i.e. children attending project activities and campuses) within the Creative Workshops implemented by Baleria partners. The materials aim to raise awareness among children at EU level, on the topics of social inclusion, fair-play and faire-life, within a peer-to-peer approach. Baleria Toolkit encompass:

Methodological Note

Creative Workshops Brochure with user-friendly chapters:

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