Coordinator: Športno društvo MEDIA ŠPORT (Slovenia)

Športno društvo MEDIA ŠPORT is a non-profit NGO who has been implementing 6 long-term projects, spread over 10 countries. They bring together children, young and young at heart through sports and recreation, promoting active and creative spare time pursuits, foster connectedness and friendships among participants, increase social integration, promote equal opportunities and social inclusion, encourage consumption of healthy locally produced foods, and contribute to intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. The quality, innovativeness and professional implementation have earned the organization and its leader Slavko Sakelšek several awards, among them the awards of the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, the Olympic Committee of Slovenia and UEFA.

Over 10,000 children and young have participated in activities organized by Športno društvo MEDIA ŠPORT. The experienced staff of the organization also includes 120 external experts with numerous volunteers assisting at each event (athletes, coaches, teachers, parents etc.).

Športno društvo Media Šport will implement Baleria project in a strong partnership with 5 experienced partners from 5 EU countries and 5 Associated Partners from 2 countries.

Partner 2: Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Institut für Sportökonomie & Sportmanagement (Germany)

Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln/DSHS Köln is Germany’s LARGEST CENTRE of teaching and research in physical education and sport science. Originally founded in Berlin in 1920 as a national College of Physical Education, it was re-located to Köln in 1947 and formally recognized as a state university and non-profit public institution of higher education in 1970. Today it EMPLOYS around 500 people and has over 5,000 STUDENTS from over 50 COUNTRIES who are preparing for professional careers in sport, sport science, and other related fields. As a specific subject area, the university for sport science offers academic Bachelor and Master degrees, teacher certificates for various school levels, and doctoral degrees. 20 scientific institutes (departments) cover a wide scope of sport science teaching and research, ranging from applied movement sciences to medicine and natural sciences, to humanities and social sciences. Thus, the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln is the biggest and one of the most prestigious exercise and sports related research & science institutions in Europe.

The University has a lot of experience with various EU co-financed projects and is currently implementing next ones:

  • SIVSCE (Erasmus+),
  • HOMER (Erasmus+),
  • Parasport Exchange (Preparatory Action - DG Education & Culture),
  • PASTA (FP 7 Health).

Partner 3: Istituto di Sociologia Internazionale di Gorizia I.S.I.G (Italy)

ISIG is an independent research institute, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research. It has a status of a special advisor to the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. ISIG was founded in 1968 in Gorizia, with the aim to combine a rigorous scientific commitment to research with the engagement in international cooperation for development and peaceful coexistence. They organise post graduate degrees, training courses, scientific seminars and specialisation courses for professionals. Currently they work within several EU research partnerships in different programmes (IPA, FP7, EACEA, DG ECHO, DG Justice etc. details on in the fields of society and social policy, economy and local development, democracy and civil society, international relations, peace and conflict resolution, cross-border and ethnic relations, land use and environmental risk management. ISIG is also active at the level of support to local development by means of facilitation of active involvement of stakeholders.

ISIG is currently very active at regional authority level (region Friuli Venezia Giulia, both within European projects, work plans and in support of local policies development) and within education networks (IAL – Innovation, learning, working, University of Trieste). ISIG is currently involved at EU level in several projects:

  • PROACTIVE (FP7, 2012),
  • ECOSTRESS (DG ECHO, 2013),
  • PROGRESS (DG Employment, 2013),
  • ZONESEC (FP7, 2014),
  • RAIN (FP7, 2014).

Partner 4: Sdruzhenie "Priyatel na Deteto" / Association "Child's Friend" (Bulgaria)

Child's Friend is an association of experienced pedagogues, scientists, artists and parents, working in the field of culture, sport and education for preservation of traditional ethical an aesthetic values and further development of a strong sensitivity in regard to contemporary challenges such as ecology in the broader relevance to nature, and more specifically - ecology of human nature, mind and soul. Their main concern is to strengthen fruitful links between generations, opening space for a better use of expertise, knowledge and talents of experienced artists, pedagogues and scientists in lifelong learning experiences with groups of children, young people and adults. Most of their efforts are focused on improvement of pre-school and primary education; suggesting good examples and practices, results and products and further on, advocating for positive changes in educational policies. Outward experts and consultants in different fields of expertise, assist our members – 7 employees and 13 engaged on the basis of cooperation with affiliated NGOs (specialists in education, arts, crafts and sports).

“Child’s Friend” is a member of two influential European organizations:
  • “Hands ON! International” (Association of Children’s Museums) and
  • Platform “Intercultural Europe”.

At National level the Association works in close collaboration with the Foundation »Humanity« and the “Bulgarian Masters Federation”.

Partner 5: IEBA Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais / IEBA Centre of Business and Social Initiatives (Portugal)

IEBA-Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais is a local development association, private and non-profit NGO, created in 1994. Its statutory objective is the development of its territory, namely through the technical support and the promotion of economic, cultural, sport and social activities, human resources, education and training, and also through the creation and management of enterprises. The association’s mission is to contribute to innovation and development of the territory, people and organizations through implementation of activities, projects and technical expertise and advisory services, in the economic, social, cultural and sport areas.

In the area of sports, IEBA also implemented the following projects:

  • HDCYPS Healthy Development of Children and Young People through Sport (Youth in Action),
  • Corpo São, Mente Sã - Healthy body, Healthy mind (Programme "EDP Solidária" - Fundação EDP),
  • J.100% Jovem Cem Porcento - One Hundred Percent Young (PRODER),
  • MORCUL Rugby de Mortagua (technical support),

Partner 6: KINITIKO ERGASTIRI (Greece)

"KINITIKO ERGASTIRI" is a local non profit sport association oriented to the field of adapted physical activity and recreation for the disabled. It was founded at Ilioupoli a suburb of Athens-Greece on 2012 by a group sports scientists related to the field of disability after considering the needs of a significant number of families of the region.

Since 2012 “KINITIKO ERGASTIRI” designs, implements and monitor sport, recreation activities and social inclusion actions for the disabled and their families. All activities are carefully designed with the perspective to improve in a holistic way physically, mentally and emotionally children and young adults with special needs. Through sports, our members are seeing themselves for their abilities, not disabilities. We form a background of acceptance and understanding that enhances self esteem and increases the chances for smoother social inclusion.

More specifically to the Sport sector implements the following training programes:

  • Aquatics
  • Physchomotor Training
  • Track and Field
  • Bowling

To the field of Recreation sector:

  • realises Thematic Excurions
  • offers innovative leisure activities to creatively fill the free time of people with disabilities.

To the Social Inclusion field two distinct programmes are carried out:

  • The "Circle of Friends" were young people with disabilities can interact with each other in a frame of a club.
  • The “Family Days” were whole families can enjoy integrated sport activies along with their children.

For the dissemination of the principal purposes the association implements campaigns regarding appropriate attitudes towards disability and inclusive practices.

In addition “KINITIKO ERGASTIRI” hosts university students of (Adapted Physical Education-Department of Athens Kapodistrian University) who want to acquire knowledge by practicing on their studies.

Currently has 4 full time staff members and a supporting network of socially sensitized volunteers.

The association is a full member of the "Hellenic Sport Federetion for Persons with Disabilities" and has established relationships of mutual support with the Municipality of Ilioupoli and with other associations related to the disability issues.

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