Baleria develops pan-European innovative programme for social inclusion and equality on school football fields to stimulate active life of children and youngsters.

A comprehensive Baleria approach will: (1) train 64 trainers and (2) stimulate volunteering of 60 teachers to (3) implement and promote social inclusion through active sport engagement of 300 kids, and encourage their solidarity together with 600 parents and schools to gather waste paper in exchange for financial support to economically deprived children. Baleria directly includes 1.060 trainers, teacher, kids, parents and stakeholders in 6+ European countries: Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Bulgaria.

The project builds on 10 FIFA fair-play golden rules, which will be practically assessed in 4+1 Baleria pillars in cooperation of relevant experts from all 6 project countries, forming practical exercises for

  • kids (3-16 years),
  • teachers (18 – 60 years) and
  • parents (all ages).

The pillars will be transferred to trainers through highly transferrable online Baleria Programme and User Tutorial. Pillars will be prototyped in all 6 partner countries through Baleria Campus Multiplier Events on teachers-volunteers, children and their parents. Baleria commercial model will be build and presented to at least 30 local uthorities (mayors and other representatives of municipalities/regional authorities/sport unions) in all 6 partner countries, aiming to sustain the project results by signing Baleria Sustainability Declaration on participation in further years and stimulating them to present Baleria to their twin cities and partners in other countries. 6 stakeholders from non-Baleria partner countries will spread Baleria over it`s current borders and thus amount to minimum 36 local/regional/national authorities actively included in Baleria.

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